girl’s closet makeover

A few weeks ago I decided to try making a scallop feature wall in the girl’s closet. I shared more about the process on my instagram page, but I also wanted to share a little more here too!

I found this dresser on the side of the road back in May. I painted it a light pink and got new knobs at hobby lobby. I couldn’t find a set of 6 in stock that I liked, so I did a mixture of gold bee knobs for the top and clear glass for the bottom!

I shared more on how I I did the scallop wall on instagram (saved in my scallop wall highlight), but basically i cleared the room out of all their clothes/furniture and traced a straight line on the wall using a level. then, i put a piece of painter’s tape across a bowl and used that for my stencil. i made sure to line the bowl up at the same spot and traced the stencil onto the wall with a pencil. i used a really small paint brush to fill in the scallop part, and a larger brush to do the rest.

the girl’s rug is from anthropologie – i found it on facebook marketplace and was instantly in love!

i also replaced the light fixture in here. i have this light fixture in our laundry room too. it’s a really affordable choice from amazon!

would you do a scallop wall? i’m obsessed and trying to think of the next room i can add a scallop to 😉

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