cloth diaper update with alva baby

the last time i wrote about cloth diapers was about 6 months ago, when lucy was exclusively having breast milk (you can check out that post here). now that lucy is eating solids, i wanted to update you on our diaper journey!

i recently reached out to alvababy diapers – my absolute favorite diaper brand – to see about working together on a collaboration project so i could share how much i love cloth diapers with you!

cloth diapers are great for a ton of reasons. they save so many disposable diapers from the landfill, they save tons of money, and they keep your baby rash free! seriously. neither claire nor lucy have gotten a diaper rash while i have been using cloth diapers.

when your baby starts eating solids, you will really want to invest in a diaper sprayer to help clean the poop off the diapers. it’s so easy though – it attaches to your toilet and you just spray it off into the toilet bowl!

you will need to wash your diapers every 2-3 days in order to reduce any odors or bacteria present in the diapers. in between washes, i store our diapers in a wet-bag lined trash can with a locking lid. my diaper laundry days are Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Sunday’s. more on wash methods can be found at my favorite website, fluff love university.

this means you will probably want between 15-30 cloth diapers, depending on how frequently you wash. but with so many cute options from alvababy, you might find it hard to limit yourself 😉

if you have any questions about cloth diapering, please dm me on Instagram or send me an email ( i would love helping you figure out how cloth diapering can fit in to your lifestyle!

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