puppy chow + painting things pink

today we decided to combine two of our favorite activities – cooking and crafting!

we have made puppy chow a few times before and claire has always loved it, so i knew this would be a hit. claire loves cooking and she loves sweets, so this was the perfect activity for us to do together while lucy napped.


  • chex cereal (use rice chex for a GF option)
  • peanut butter (or sunflower butter for a nut free option)
  • butter
  • chocolate chips
  • vanilla (optional)
  • powdered sugar

i’ll have to be honest with you – i measured none of the ingredients for this. that was part of the fun! claire loved pouring and scooping all of the ingredients. we had fun naming them, describing them, counting them. all great things for a toddler! and obviously we had fun taste-testing them 😉

i melted 1/2 stick of butter with about 1 cup of peanut butter and 1 cup of chocolate chips on the stove top. i bet you could microwave this, but our microwave gets suuuuuuuuuper hot and i didn’t want to burn anything!

once the mixture is all melty, pour it over about 5-6 cups of chex cereal. then, i put the pb/chocolate coated chex cereal in a large ziplock bag, turned on our favorite dance songs (t-swift, duh), added a cup or so of powdered sugar and got to shaking the bag!

while the mixture cooled down, we got to painting some cars. i had gotten some wooden cars from amazon and michaels (right by the check out section, they have a few types of cars for $1 or so). we painted them all the different shades of pinks we had at our house.

once everything was cooled and dried we got out our favorite gathre mat and got to playing and snacking!

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