snack + story time time with ritz crackers

we have been in a snack time rut lately, so today we decided to try out something new!

we were gifted ritz crackers *new* cheese cripsers and some other goodies and i couldn’t wait for claire to try them!

we enjoyed sitting under the shade of a tree, reading books, and enjoying ritz crackers new cheese crispers. they are oven baked with real, delicious cheese! claire was obsessed and would have definitely eaten the entire box.

having a mini-picnic for snack time is something we haven’t ever really done before! it was so fun though. 10/10 would recommend 😉 we listened to fun music, read allllllllllll the books, and ate yummy ritz cheese crispers crackers. we all can’t wait to do it again!

thank you so much, ritz crackers, for sending us these yummy new crackers to try. they are great on their own, but definitely better with a book or two 😉

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