lucy at 8 months old

lucy turned 8 months old on july 28! can you even believe it?

age: 8 months (technically 8.5 months now)

stats: 18+ lbs, wears mostly 12 month size clothes. half of her bottom tooth has made an appearance!

favorite food: lucy will basically eat anything you put in front of her! she is not picky at all. i honestly haven’t found a food she doesn’t enjoy eating. she has tried tuna fish, egg salad, blue cheese cole slaw, spicy portabella mushrooms, broccoli. you name it, she will probably eat it. but nothing brings her more joy than eating spaghetti! she eats us out of house and home and regularly eats as much as we do for dinner!

words: mama, other than that just baby gibberish

favorite activities: lucy loves to try to eat hines dog food and climb on top of roomba to press all of the buttons. she loves doing whatever claire is doing and loves being close to her! she loves being outside and LOVES to eat!

least favorite things: lucy hates to lay on her back to have her diaper changed, so i have started changing her while she is standing up! she is also not too sure about her carseat.

lucy is still just the sweetest, easiest baby! she sleeps consistently from 6p-6a with no wake ups and will take two naps a day, ranging from 1-3 hours each. she loves to eat everything you put in front of her! she is still nursing and refuses bottles. she can crawl suuuuuuper fast and pull to stand. she has recently been letting go and standing unassisted for a few seconds! she cruises around the furniture and the other day i caught her climbing up on top of our fireplace (!!!!!). she has also recently discovered the toilet and thinks it’s so much fun to try and splash in the water (barf). she is the happiest baby around and we are so glad she’s ours!

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