life lately

so – a lot has changed since i updated my blog! one of my last updates was about going back to work. little did i know that i would go to work for one week then have a mandatory 2 week shut down from the governor of va which would end up being extended for the remainder of the school year! while i was still working, i had the flexibility to work from home and keep both girls home with me. it was definitely a bright spot in the middle of a dark, tumultuous time.

march 17
march 28
april 4
homeschool preschool
lots of bubble time
girl gang bubble bath
baby pool fun
yummy new recipes
date night
lucy really got into eating solids!
fire pit nights
claire figured out her bike!
tie dyed with my sister!

it has been a wild 5 months and something tells me things are going to continue to be wild for a little while longer. how have you been doing? i hope you have been healthy, happy and able to find the silver lining too. xoxo.

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