back to work – time saving tips

my time on maternity leave is coming to a close (*cue the tears*) so i’m trying to figure out some time saving tricks. here is what i’ve come up with so far:

use a grocery delivery/pick up service

i love using kroger clicklist, but i’ve also heard good things about shipt! i had been making a clicklist for monday, but i’ve found that makes our evening too hectic and stressful coming home from work and trying to unload everything and make dinner too. now, my clicklist day is going to be on fridays. i get off work 30 minutes early on friday, so i can head to kroger to pick up our groceries and then grab the girls and head home!

meal plan

i meal plan every meal every week – this includes morning coffee, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and two daily snacks for claire (who am i kidding, a million snacks for claire). i’ll be using this graphic to share my weekly meal plan on my insta-stories!

also — i do 100% of the cooking and grocery shopping in our home. BUT i am SO excited – i just convinced my husband to start planning one meal a week – on thursdays! this gives me a break before having to pick up our clicklist. i can’t wait to see what meals he comes up with!

chore plans

ugh, chores, am i right? one thing that’s really going to start helping us out is the new roomba my husband got me for christmas! it’s so easy to set it every day and have it vacuum while you’re gone.

here is my goal chore plan:

m: girls laundry
t: diapers
w: lights + darks laundry
r: diapers
f: clicklist pick up / naproll + crib sheets from montessori school
sa: rest day / evening blog posts
su: morning mop / bathrooms / diapers / lights + darks laundry
/ evening blog posts

i like to have on day off – right now, that’s saturdays! we go to music class and then our local children’s museum normally. when our music class ends, i’d like to replace that time slot with going to the library each week.

i already mentioned in my diaper post that i wash the cloth diapers every tuesday, thursday and sunday.

claire also doesn’t nap on the weekends so she goes to bed early … like 6:30pm early! i used to hate no nap days, but now i crave them! i love her to death, but it’s also really nice to put her to bed a little early and have some adult time. so weekend evenings will be when i plan on blogging!

if you start using my graphic for instagram, be sure to tag me! i love seeing your meal ideas and chore charts!

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