diy coozies

i made these coozies to celebrate my husbands 34th birthday! they were a pretty involved project, but still a simple diy so i thought i would share how i did it!

first, make sure you have all the supplies you need:

+ cricut
+ vinyl
+ coozies (i got these from amazon)
+ iron
+ computer

i wanted to put a picture of my husband’s face on the coozies. this is the one that i chose:

i wanted the picture to be black and white for the coozie. i’m sure that you can print on vinyl and then iron in, but that’s not what i wanted to do. i had to convert the picture to an SVG file, and to do that i used this website:

after you upload and convert your image, play with the balance and detail to get the graphic to look good. this is how mine looked after i cropped me and the girls out of it:

next, i used the design studio to create the wording and graphics for the coozies. i chose to have 4 variations. i measured the coozies and decided how big i wanted the graphic to be. in order to have the picture and words in one graphic instead of multiple, you have to upload the picture, then add the text, group the items together and then weld them together.

next, use your cricut to print. make sure you select iron on as your medium and that you mirror the image – because you will be ironing them on!

i used this graphic for a double sided coozie – picture on the front, words on the back!

after printing, it’s time to iron. i have had so much trial and error with this – so this is what has worked for me. i turn the iron on the highest possible setting, and iron the coozie for maybe 30 seconds. then, i put the graphic down on the coozie where i want, cover it up with a dish towel, and then iron for maybe 30 seconds – 1 minute. once the vinyl has adhered to the coozie, pull the clear transfer material off and then cover back up with the dish towel. iron for an additional 30 seconds – 1 minute. it’s SO important to cover the coozie up with a towel or else you will melt the vinyl off — not good!

i made white coozies with black vinyl and black coozies with white vinyl. i even had enough to make the girls matching shirts for his birthday!

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