beer tasting birthday party!

this weekend I threw my husband a beer tasting party for his 34th birthday.

I headed to our local beer store and chose 15 different beers for everyone to sample, in addition to what others brought to share.

I made a diy pretzel holder using plumbing supplies from the Home Depot. They made all of the cuts for me and it only cost $10!

I printed the “one for the road” popcorn bags using our home printer and printed directly on paper lunch bags! I filled them with popcorn and four different seasoning choices.

I made beer tasting printables to go on mini clipboards too!

The most fun thing though were the party favors – everyone got a coozie to keep! I shared how to make these in a previous post. They were so fun and easy, I will definitely be doing these for future parties!

It was such a fun afternoon celebrating my main guy! Now to get started planning our next party – claires 3rd birthday!

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