invitation to play: alphabet sticker matchup

i’m loving coming up with these invitation to play activities! this was a little bit more challenging than the sticker matching activity, but claire still had a blast doing it. it actually took her two sittings to complete the activity as she lost interest midway through. the second day, she woke up and was excited to discover her activity out and was happy to finish it!


+ white paper
+ markers
+ dot stickers (i used this pack of 2400 from amazon)

i chose matching markers to go with the colored stickers. then, i wrote out the alphabet on the stickers, one letter per sticker, and wrote the letters on the piece of paper using the corresponding marker.

i explained the rules to claire: the stickers matched up to the letters, stickers went on the paper and not on our bodies, the furniture, etc. if your child struggles with this, i would say “you’re showing me you’re not listening to the directions. when you’re ready to listen we can try again.”

so proud of herself!
finished on day 2!
SO SO SO proud of this girl!

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