invitation to play: sticker matching

this activity is so easy to set up and perfect for toddlers to do independently so you can get a little work done! i gave claire this activity the other day so that i could unpack her things from her day at school.


+ white paper
+ markers
+ dot stickers (i ordered this pack of 2400 from amazon)

set it up

basically, you draw different lines or shapes on the piece of paper to match the colored stickers. the object of this activity is for your toddler to match the colored stickers to the lines!

i added a couple of stickers to the lines ahead of time to show claire how to do this activity.

i always explain my expectations : stickers go on the lines, not anywhere else on the page and definitely not on the table, furniture, our bodies, etc! as always, if your toddler struggles with following directions i would simply say “i’m sorry, it looks like you’re not following directions. let me know when you’re ready to listen and we can try again.”

would you try this activity with your toddler? let me know!

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