invitation to play: cereal sort

this weekend I set up an “invitation to play.” it was seriously the easiest thing to do and could be altered in a ton of different ways!

I got a small container of fruit loops from Kroger. then, I drew different color circles on some cardstock I had laying around. the object of this activity is to sort the fruit loops by color!

this could be altered in so many different ways!

* draw out a rainbow and have them match the colors

* write letters or numbers and have them match the cereal to the letter/number and line them up on the outline

* use different food, like fruits or veggies!

* use objects instead of food – like cars, plastic animals, beads, pom poms, etc.

this invitation to play is great for toddlers – it helps them work on hand/eye coordination, color recognition, and is yummy! would you do an activity like this?

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