valentine’s day sensory play

one of our favorite toddler toys is our ikea flisat table! we have it in our living room and when claire isn’t playing with it, we use it as our coffee table / claire’s snack table.

my new year’s resolution was to make our life as festive and fun as possible. i’m trying to do up the holidays as big as i can (but definitely on a budget!).

claire loves playing with rice in her sensory table, so i whipped up some pink rice to play with!

DIY colored rice

i don’t have exact measurements because i just eyeball the ingredients. to make this pink rice, i got a 5 lb bag of rice from target. i divided it into 5 different bowls, added about 1-2 T white distilled vinegar and different amounts of red or pink food coloring. after mixing it all up , i spread the rice out on a few different cookie sheets and baked it in the oven at 170 degrees for about 40 minutes, stirring every 10-20 minutes. then, i normally let the rice air out to lose the vinegar scent.

it’s hard to tell, but i added some little plastic hearts from the dollar tree that were labeled as “tabletop decor”. i also added the large plastic heart containers and the heart shaped baking molds from walmart. the scoops were leftover from a baby shower i hosted with my friend leigh ann nearly a decade ago (!!!!). the pink heart shaped tray is an ice cube mold that i’ve had forever!

some of you are probably thinking – omg my kid would throw the rice everywhere! that was one of my fears too. i started doing these sensory bins with claire when she was about 18 months old. i explained the rules and told her that if she threw the rice, we would be done. everything stays in the bins. she is really good with following the rules a majority of the time, but sometimes she does throw the rice. it’s important to be consistent with what you say and follow through, so i always put up the bins and say we can try again another time. still, accidents happen. these rice bins make me extra thankful for our roomba πŸ˜‰

i’m planning on adding some pink and white pom poms for her to tong into the ice trays! would you try a sensory bin?

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