valentine’s day playdough

one of my favorite things is to make homemade playdough for claire! the other day, i made this “invitation to play” for her to create her own valentine’s day “chocolates”.

ingredients (via the mama notes):
+ 2 c all purpose flour
+ 3/4 c salt
+ 4 t cream of tartar
+ 2 c water
+ 2 T vegetable oil
+ food coloring (optional)

mix all ingredients in a pot on the stove on low until a ball forms – about 10 minutes. if you want to make the whole batch one color, you can add the food coloring directly to the pot. if you want to use one bath to make multiple colors, then divide the dough once slightly cooled and add the food coloring. i love mixing in glitter and/or essential oils to make the dough extra special!

i made white, pink and brown playdough and added foam heart stickers, mini pom poms and heart shape beads for claire to play with! the cups are just paper muffin liners and the heart box was a $1 russel stovers assorted chocolate box from target.

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