current toddler favorites

1: ikea flisat table

one of claire’s favorite activities is to play with her sensory table. i try to change out the contents of the bins every month or so to correspond to the holidays or season. you can get lots of great ideas from pinterest!

2: heads & tails puzzle

this puzzle is so nice because claire can do it herself. she loves to name the animals and make the animal sounds when she’s working too! there are a lot of different animals included, so i only put out about 1/2 or 1/3 at a time that way she doesn’t get so frustrated. and, when i put out the other animals it’s like a whole new activity!

3: opposites puzzle pairs

just like the heads and tails puzzle, there are a lot of different opposites included in this activity! i put out about half at a time so claire doesn’t get frustrated. what’s nice about this puzzle is that the opposite pairs have the same background which makes it a little easier for claire to understand.

4: hape polar bear puzzle

this puzzle combines problem solving with hand eye coordination. you have to put the pieces in the right order in order for it to fit correctly. claire will sit and do this puzzle over and over again!

5: hape twist and turnables

this puzzle by hape is so fun. there are tons of different ways to twist and combine the pieces. this also helped claire learn how to open her bedroom door — which is nice, until about 1am when she opens her door to come into our room 😉

6: skyfield abc puzzle

this was the number one thing claire wanted for christmas — an ABC puzzle! she has a very similar one at school. i like this one because of the pretty pastel colors and that the letters are the same color as the empty space to put them in. we do this puzzle by doing all the red ones first, then orange, and yellow, etc. or by going in alphabetical order and singing the abc’s.

7: bettroom wooden geometric toy

this puzzle is fun because the number of wooden dowels correspond to the number of sides of the shape. we like to name the shape and name the color as we work!

what are some of your toddler’s favorite toys and activities? we are always looking to add more to our toy rotation!


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