toddler valentine’s party inspiration

i’m throwing claire and her friends a valentine’s themed play date / party. we did the same thing for halloween and it was so much fun / slightly chaotic having 8 toddlers at our house to paint pumpkins! this year, i definitely want to do a themed craft and snack. here are some of my ideas!


did you see the valentine’s snack i posted the other day? claire was obsessed with it! it is so easy to make a big batch of it and serve it in valentine’s muffin cups or heart shaped plates.

this cupids crunch from simply kierste looks like such a great combo of sweet and salty! just pretzels, mnms and marshmallows.

this snack from arin solange at home looks so yummy. this is cheerios, mnms, chex cereal and popcorn covered in melted white chocolate. we don’t do popcorn at our house (popcorn is a choking hazard until 4-5 years old!) so i would omit that.

crafts / activities

how cute is this cookie decorating activity from the mama notes? she is one of my go to sources for holiday and party inspo.

claire and i made these simple popsicle stick picture frames by painting popsicle sticks and sprinkling them with glitter. once that dried, i hotglued the sticks together and added the pom pom detail. for the sake of time, you could have the toddlers color the sticks with markers! taking a picture of them at the party and using that for the frame would be adorable!

we did this activity with a few friends a couple weeks ago. i cut out a heart shape from some cardstock i had, then cut pink and red construction paper into little squares. the kids dipped the paper into modge podge and put them onto the heart! claire has been so proud to show off her heartwork 😉

i can’t wait to show you what i have planned for our party! would you throw a valentine’s party for your kids?

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