baby essentials

1: solly baby wrap | newborns love to be close to your body – i mean, can you blame them? they spent 9 months hearing your heartbeat from the inside! the solly wrap is pretty easy to wrap (especially if you follow them on instagram – solly baby does live tutorial videos all the time!) and allows your newborn/infant to be close to you while allowing you to be hands free to cook dinner, or let’s be honest, grab the netflix remote 😉

2: newborn booties | i have YET to find a good newborn sock that stays up, so if you have recommendations please send them my way. in the meantime, i am loving the newborn booties i got for lucy from amazon

3: cloth diapers | see this post if you are interested in cloth diapers!

4: nosefrida | lucy’s nose gets stopped up pretty quickly and she isn’t able to clear the gunk out on her own just yet. the nose frida looks gross (and sound gross, who wants to think of sucking their baby’s boogies out through a straw??), but it’s a complete life saver. you can get this from amazon, target or walmart!

5: black and white cards | young babies are drawn to high contrast colors. these are so fun, we got them as a gift when we first had claire and it’s so fun seeing lucy enjoy them!

6: gerber onesies | these are so cheap and available from amazon, target, and walmart. i had SO many clothes for claire when she was a baby, so many that she didn’t even wear everything before she grew out of it. lots of times we got matching outfits where the only thing that would coordinate with the top were the matching bottoms from the set. my friend sara told me she stopped the madness by only dressing her baby in white onesies and i have done that with lucy. let me tell you, i love it! and white is pretty easy to clean (i mix oxi-clean with hot water and let the soiled onesies sit for 24 hours or until i remember to do something with them! the sun works wonders too).

7: montessori baby gym | i don’t have a link to one, but you can purchase nice ones from etsy. my dad made us a similar one for claire when she was little and i can’t wait for lucy to start using it! it’s fun for them to look at the dangling objects (esp. high contrast items!) and start to bat/hit the objects once they are a little older.

8: windi | there is nothing sadder than seeing lucy in pain from gas. made by the same people as the nose frida, it looks gross and scary but again, it is a life saver. please do yourself a favor and read the reviews on amazon. you won’t regret it.

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