life lately

claire, 2.5 years

how is the girl already two and a half (and if i’m being honest, almost 3 — in april!)?

likes: frozen, choosing her own clothes (the more patterns, the better!), unicorns, rainbows (she calls them airbows and i hope she never stops!), puzzles, our dog hines

prefers to eat: oranges, apples, berries, cucumbers, spaghetti, pizza

dislikes: washing her hair, bedtime(still a struggle), naps (never naps at home), our dog hines (also a like, it’s love/hate between them)

this is one of my favorite ages so far! claire is pretty independent. she loves to choose her own clothes, help with lucy, use the bathroom by herself. she is very strong willed and has endless energy! every morning she wakes up and says “let’s go have fun!” and it is my favorite. we listen to the frozen soundtrack approximately 123098523 times a day. she loves to do crafts, spend time with her friends and go to music class!

lucy, 8 weeks

i can’t believe lucy is already 2 months old!

likes: being warm, snuggling 24/7, ceiling fans, the clock in our living room

eats: milk, non stop, all the time

dislikes: being cold, riding in the car, burping

lucy is just such a sweet angel. she sleeps great, eats great, and is just so content! she is already wearing 3-6 month clothes, starting to transition out of her newborn cloth diapers and into claire’s old cloth diapers, and tipping the scales at nearly 12 pounds! she is in the 75th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. she loves to snuggle and sleeps right next to me every night. she rounds out our family perfectly!

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