claire at 7 months

claire turned 7 months old the day after thanksgiving. where has the time gone?! she can scoot on her belly and is interested in exploring everything, especially our dog’s water bowl. she can sit up if placed there and is working on getting into the seated position on her own! she loves my cell phone, her dog hines and cat luey, and snuggling at all hours of the night 😉

{ carters jammies, thrifted }

age: 7 months

clothes: wearing 9 month sizes with 6-12 month sizes thrown in. she mostly wears onesies and pants, with a few dresses randomly thrown in just for fun. we also love putting her in baby tights – literally the cutest things ever.

favorite foods: applesauce, yogurt, mum-mums.


favorite activities: going for walks in her stroller, eating all the things, screaming at our dog, hines, and cat, luey. she loves crawling everywhere and dipping her hands in hines water bowl! she loves bath time, but hates getting water poured on her head. we love her so much!

{ romper from target | shoes, thrifted | gap hat }


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