claire’s christmas wishlist

i can’t believe that claire will be 8 months old on christmas eve! i want to keep christmas small this year, mostly because we already have more than enough things for claire and let’s be honest – she will be more interested in the gift bags and wrapping paper than anything! even though she won’t remember her first christmas, i am excited to start our family traditions (more on that later!) so below are a few things i’m planning on getting her and putting under the tree.

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1. rattle : claire is still so into grabbing things, shaking them and hearing them make noise. and how sweet is this little rattle? i’m sure she can use it as a lovey in the future, too.

2. blocks : i’m swooning over these blocks from land of nod, but they’re kind of expensive. i ended up finding a nice set of blocks from our local baby consignment shop that claire will definitely love!

3. books : i bought these books on anthropologie’s black friday sale. we read at least one book each night as part of our bedtime routine and these are illustrated so beautifully. i’m hoping they will quickly become favorites!

4. quilt : this quilt has been on my wishlist for so long – and it is finally on clearance! coupled with the 30% off sale, this was a steal! also, how perfectly does it match claire’s nursery?

5. bows : because can a girl really have too many bows? the answer is no.

what are you getting your little’s for christmas?

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